The Dream Center of Southeast Texas is a 501c3 charitable organization established on November 4, 2016.  

The desire of the Dream Center is to see everyone live their God-given dream.

The Dream Center serves as a resource center focused on providing support to those affected by homelessness, hunger, addictions, lack of education and disaster relief through residential and community outreach programs. In efforts to provide opportunities for people to rebuild and transform their lives, the Dream Center offers the tools, education, community, and support through various programs available, all free of charge.

Our main campus is located in Southeast Texas where we provide resources and create relationships with other organizations and the people within our communities. We also collaborate with other organizations throughout the country to provide further resources and supply the foundational needs that help our residents and communities thrive.

The Dream Center of SETX is building a community of resilient people whose lives have been changed by a supernatural understanding of God’s love. The transformed lives are more than examples of success…they are living testimonies of a spiritual power that restores broken lives. The men, women and families that are helped will have the ability to share that love with others, to pass on the hope they have been given, and to make transformation possible for others.

The Dream Center of Southeast Texas is a member of the Dream Center network.