The following are items that the Dream Center are in need of:


  • Cafeteria Equipment: Commercial cookware pots & pans, bakeware, Commercial equipment & supplies, Food prep tables & equipment, etc.
  • Dorms: Heavy-duty washers/dryers, toilets, sinks, floor tiles, doors, windows, furnishing, etc.
  • Misc: Golf carts, bicycles, 10-12 passenger vans, solar panels, etc.


  • Outreach Giveaways: Boys and Girls Bikes, Raffle Items (small appliances, gift baskets, etc.), Backpacks filled with soap, deodorant, wipes, razors, feminine products, socks, towels, snacks, bottled water, etc.
  • Food Truck: Bread truck to be used for providing mobile groceries to families in need that don’t have transportation. We will be able to make deliveries to them.
  • Refrigerated Truck or Trailer: A truck or trailer that is refrigerated to keep perishable items cold until it can be distributed at the various outreach sites.

To help out in any of the ways listed above please contact us by email at info@dreamcentersetx.org or by phone; (409) 234-5255.